Gian Luca Rana and the new look of the Rana Family Restaurant – Pastificio Rana

Gian Luca Rana's Ristorante Famiglia Rana returns under the leadership of chef Francesco Sodano in a completely renovated ambience.

The Ristorante Famiglia Rana, located in Vallese di Oppeano, Verona, reopens its doors completely transformed after an extraordinary restyling and with a renowned chef: Francesco Sodano.

"I am thrilled to meet Francesco Sodano," says Gian Luca Rana, Executive Director of the Rana Group, "and to start a new journey together, sharing ideas and projects. We are working as an extremely cohesive team, at the helm of which I chose Francesco because of his appreciated culinary passion, sensitivity and technical expertise. Our team is made up of many passionate, enthusiastic, talented young people who love the restaurant industry and are eager to see its development. Because my goal is to continue to create spaces and opportunities for young people to develop and show their full potential. The essence of our restaurant remains unchanged: to tell the story of the wonderful place where we live and the exceptional people who are its soul". 

The chef at Ristorante Famiglia Rana

Francesco Simone Sodano was born in 1988 in Somma Vesuviana. He trained in several starred kitchens, most recently at Faro di Capo d'Orso in Maiori on the Sorrento coast (1 Michelin star), where he served as head chef. He trained with chefs such as Oliver Glowig and Antony Genovese, Sodano has an international professional background that has allowed him to develop his own concept of contemporary and avant-garde cuisine. To the Famiglia Rana restaurant, he brings his original vision of the territory and local ingredients, combined with his personal history and culinary experience. Head, technique and soul.

The philosophy of the new Ristorante Famiglia Rana

The philosophy that guides the new Ristorante Famiglia Rana comes to life from the vision of Gian Luca Rana, CEO of the Rana Group, who wanted to create a cosy and familiar environment, capable of conveying the essence of the territory, creativity and technological research. This concept includes renewed hospitality, based on: sensitivity, generosity and a deep love for art in all its manifestations, from cuisine to visual art. Thus was born a new approach and a new path for the restaurant, born from the encounter between Gian Luca Rana and Francesco Sodano, entrepreneur and chef, united by a common design vision, a shared passion for innovation and research, and a similar gastronomic sensibility. The result is a place of experiences, where the stories of the people involved in the project are shared through a narrative that starts with the dish and the territory, and then travels through countries and cultures, ideas and journeys, emotions and surprises, until returning home, to the home of the Rana family.

Principles such as the constant search for quality, respect for raw materials, passion for innovation and the desire to progress have always been the pillars of the restaurant, but today they are enriched with new experiences, techniques and knowledge. This strengthens the link with the territory of origin, with every form of art, exploring new horizons of taste and stimulating new sources of inspiration.