Quality without compromise.
That's our promise.

The finest ingredients

We taste-test all of our ingredients before we start cooking with them, so we can check their quality first-hand. We also prepare our carefully-selected vegetables ourselves, and only start with whole cheese rounds and whole pieces of meat in our cooking. That way, we know exactly what goes into our pasta - nothing pre-processed, nothing less than the best.

Our eggs

We only use fresh, class-A eggs from cage-free hens.


quality checks every year

We’re always taste-testing our ingredients and our finished pasta, so we know it’s the best pasta possible by the time it reaches our customers.



We have reduced the use of plastic by 60% with our bag packs compared to traditional trays.

The paper in our packaging has been given the international FSC™ certification for responsible forest management.



We’ve kept away from palm oils in the preparation of our pasta. And you won’t find any glutamate or hydrogenated fats in there, either. All the colours you see and the flavours you taste are entirely natural.

"I don't put anything in my products that I wouldn't give to my grandchildren."

That's Mr Giovanni's golden rule, and we take it very seriously. We're a big family of artisanal pasta makers who really care about what we cook - we won't compromise on safety or quality. If we wouldn't make it for our own friends and family back in Italy, then we won't make it for you.

"You can only give it your name if you give it your all."

That's the other golden rule here at Rana. It means we don't cut corners, and don't let anything get in the way of quality - we want our pasta to be the best pasta possible.

Our promise is to produce quality pasta, without compromise.

Try it for yourself – come and join the family!

NO artificial colours and flavours
NO use of powdered eggs
NO gums
NO use of hydrogenated fats
NO palm oils
NO use of ingredients containing GMOs