We’re passionate about one thing and one thing only:

making pasta the best it can be.

Giovanni, the head of our family, has passed on to us his incredible love of food. So when we’re making pasta, we do it with his uncompromising attitude, always putting quality first. We want it to contain only the best fillings possible, and we cook it just how we’d cook a meal for our family and friends here in Italy.


...with an even bigger kitchen!


...with an even bigger kitchen!


Back in 1962, Giovanni called fifteen friends into his workshop to help knead the dough for his first tortelloni – and it was their creativity and taste that made it so delicious. Today, things are no different. We’re one big family of artisans, all of us passionate about the highest quality food and working side by side to make pasta as delicious as it can be. Our pasta is in the hands of people who care.

...with an even bigger kitchen!

To make the best pasta possible, we’re always creating new dishes and inventing new ways to cook them. That means constantly improving our production processes, and even inventing new machines! Getting involved in the design of our equipment ensures we can make pasta of the very highest quality. We’re really proud of this approach – because for us, making pasta isn’t just a day job. It’s a whole way of life, a constant push for excellence in every area.

Proper ingredients...

We believe in Giovanni’s golden rule: "I don’t put anything in my products that I wouldn’t give to my grandchildren."

That’s why we’re sure to prepare our carefully-selected vegetables ourselves, and to only start with whole cheese rounds and whole pieces of meat in our cooking – nothing pre-processed, nothing nasty. So when you bite into our tortelloni, what you’ll discover is always the finest, fullest flavours.

...put to the taste

We believe the best judge of great food is taste. So we also taste-test all of our ingredients before we start cooking with them – it means we can check their quality first-hand. That way, we can make sure our pasta is of only the highest standard – full of nothing but natural, delicious flavour.

Freshness first

And when it comes to ingredients, there’s no substitute for freshness. We make sure there’s as little time as possible between their arrival at our kitchen and using them in our recipes. That way, we know we’re using them at their best.

Real know-how

Our expert pasta makers been crafting, rolling and cutting fresh pasta for generations – so they know that its elasticity, consistency and moisture content are always changing.

That’s why we regularly adjust our machines, letting us shape the pasta with the right level of delicacy and flexibility.

Always at the drawing-board

We’re constantly looking to make our recipes even better, so we never tire of discovering new flavours, imagining new dishes and listening to new ideas. We love finding out what people think about our recipes – and what they’d like to try next, too. It keeps us on our toes!

That’s why we love tasting and tinkering, exploring and experimenting, to create the most exciting pasta dishes around.

No compromise on quality

We’re very careful to check that our pasta tastes just right before it reaches you. We always take a small amount from the production line, so one lucky pasta maker can cook, check, and taste it right there and then. There’s no better way to make sure that our pasta’s as delicious as we know it should be.

Of course, there’s only one thing that can make our pasta even better – and that’s you. Cook it for your loved ones, and help us share Giovanni’s passion for pasta!

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