There is a word that guides every single action at Rana. From the production department to the marketing division, from the innovation team to the catering, every dialogue, discussion and business strategy revolves around this simple word that captures the mantra led by Gian Luca Rana.

This word is quality.

  • The most important qualities of people according to Gian Luca Rana

Quality according to Gian Luca Rana

What does quality mean to Gian Luca Rana? It means being driven by the constant pursuit of excellence. Quality is a propensity, a mindset, a habit that leads one to never be fully satisfied, to always question oneself, and to perpetually seek to improve day after day.

Here at Rana, the search for quality is an obsession that guides the growth and development of not only the company, but also their employees. In fact, according to Gian Luca, there is no greater risk to a company than to stay in its comfort zone. Resting on your laurels or doing an average job is a road that leads only to stagnation.

Giovanni Rana's son, along with the entire pasta maker community, knows firsthand about the constant search for new solutions and the path to quality.

"Our obsession with quality has a lot of moving pieces," explains Gian Luca Rana. "All the more so being an international company, meaning we have to translate and properly communicate the definition of the word quality, all according to the specific country in which it operates."

When we talk about quality at Rana, we are not just referring to the quality of raw materials, machinery, processes, or the recipes of Rana Restaurants. Quality at Rana starts first and foremost with the quality of the people who work there.

Gian Luca firmly believes in the value of human capital and brain power. Not just a set of skills or know-how, but actual values a person believes in are an integral part of the history of Pastificio Rana.


Pastificio Rana's success comes from the people

Rana’s global success today stems from the passion and love that each member of the Rana family puts into his or her work every day. This is the only way to achieve the level of excellence that consumers have always recognized in the pasta maker’s products.

Quality is not just a matter of tangible or measurable parameters. Quality is the pursuit of excellence, the backbone of Rana, and the fundamental element to be proud of. Pride in being part of a great organization that is in tune to everyone’s needs and desires.

"I consider the balance sheet as a tool to allow people to cultivate their skills and fulfill themselves," says Gian Luca. "My joy and challenge is to identify and compound the talents of all the individuals who dedicate their work to our company. The story of Rana is made of people, dedication, passion and love for their work. These elements are as fundamental to the success of our company as the quality of the products. Therefore, for me it is crucial to invest in human capital, to develop knowledge and skills in a stimulating and creative environment. Creating know-how means generating value not only for the company, but for society as a whole, for our employees and their families, for everyone's future."